I love heretics.

Heretics are those who dare to think, live and love differently.

Heretics are resisters; they resist the pressure to be like everyone else and, through their resistance, add beautiful colors to the world.

Ferezzi is the combination of my last name 'Florencio' with the word 'heresy' to suggest 'F-heresy’ or Florencio's heresy. It is an invitation to break free from conventional norms, in short, to finally be oneself.

Too many people live their lives pretending to be someone else and end up living someone else's life. They forget who they are and, most importantly, who they wanted to be.

I want people who wear my jewelry to feel the strength to assert themselves and to keep dreaming.

Ferezzi isn't just a name; it is a philosophy.

A Childhood Dream

Ever since I was a child, jewelry has captivated me. I recall being fascinated by the allure of elegant women wearing jewels. To me, jewelry wasn't just accessories; it added some magic to their grace. It made them feel confident and empowered, like they could conquer anything.

My fascination with jewelry ran so deep that my sister and I decided to dive into the craft ourselves. Despite being mere children, we learned to make our own jewelry. We'd then excitedly sell them to anyone willing to buy, from friends to classmates and even family. Though modest, it was our way to
add a bit of magic into the world.

Now, two decades later, I find myself living out my childhood dream: to infuse a little magic into your life.

From Paris To Boston

Love led me to Paris.

While working as a journalist in Mexico, I met the love of my life, and we moved to Paris to live together. Then, I failed in love with “l’élégance à la française”, the perfect blend of simplicity and refinement. This love for Parisian elegance brought back my childhood dream of making jewelry. And so, I embarked on my journey, creating my own jewelry brand: Ferezzi.

Later, for professional reasons, I relocated to Boston. It was in this vibrant city that I officially launched Ferezzi on December 26, 2023. While it may not have been the most strategic timing for Christmas, launching Ferezzi on this date felt like the greatest gift.

Be unique, be Ferezzi.

Be unique, be Ferezzi

by Karine Florencio, Founder